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Bad Piggies Apk Mod Introduction

We are familiar with Rovio’s Angry Bird, which has become a game brand. Because of its popularity with billions of downloads on different OS platforms. The best thing about these games was the battle between the angry birds and piggies, making it exciting and entertaining. Bad Piggies Ap

Mod is one of the inspirations taken from this game. It is based only on piggies, like how they go through many adventures and make it interesting for the users.

In Bad Piggies Apk Mod, the player’s task is to build cars for helping the pigs move from their actual position towards their destination quickly and safely. In this article, we will be discussing about How to download UNO Mod APK. Your task is only to assemble the car with the necessary equipment like boosters, frames and wheels. Once the player completes the car’s assembling, it will automatically move on the track. You will have to ensure how the pig reached the destination or finishing line. If piggies fall before going to the finish line, the game will end. But if the car is destroyed, you still can win the game by somehow bringing the pig to the destination.

There are a lot of people who like puzzle games. If you are in great love with puzzle games, Bad Piggies HD APK is the best choice ever for you. At the start of any level, you will have to assemble a vehicle using different objects and equipment. To create a unique and fantastic vehicle, you must adjust the boxes, wheels, fans, and many more things.

Bad Piggies Apk Mod Cover

Levels in Bad Piggies Apk Mod

Bad Piggies Hd Apk offers you more than 200 levels and 40 unique levels. The player has to complete the 200 puzzles. If you complete levels with three stars, you will quickly unlock the 40 exceptional levels in the game.
At the most challenging levels, you will have a chance to fail many times and get stuck for a long time. This makes the player frustrated while playing the games, so don’t give up because there is a saying that you have one more step towards success after failure.

Modes in Bad Piggies Apk

There are two modes in Bad Piggies Apk

  • Ground Hog Day
  • When Pigs Fly

If you are stuck too long in Ground Hog Day, you can play in When Pigs Fly mode to easily reach the destination.

Features of Bad Piggies Apk Mod

The game offers the most exciting features given below:

Exciting Piggy Adventures:

Anyone likes the adventurous games to conquer how much you get excited while playing those games, so as with the bad piggies makes you feel excited because of its unique and refreshing gameplay. Help the pigs to plunge into the limitless fun of diving, flying and much more.


HD Graphics can make any game look extra vibrant and entertaining, so it has stunning graphics and a user interface. You can enjoy high quality and beautiful graphics that will not make You feel bored.

High-Quality Sounds:

Enjoy the significant and impactful sound effects in Bad Piggies. Discover the exciting levels while enjoying beautiful sound effects.

Unlock special levels:

You can unlock all the special levels by collecting three stars in some levels, which might be pretty easy to do this.

Create tons of Amazing Constructs for Piggies:

You can create great vehicles for the pigs to drive through by unlimited objects or equipment.

Enjoy Free Updates:

You will get all the updates free from this website regularly. With every update, you will also have bug-free and new features included in it.

Plenty of Material for Building Incredible Machines

You can build awesome cars and crafts by using exciting objects like:

  • Motors
  • Weirdly- looking wings
  • Customized fans
  • Umbrellas
  • Balloons
  • Bottle rockets etc

Using these materials, you can build even the most ridiculous crafts that anyone can consider.

Get Help from Mechanic Pig:

If you find any difficulty while building the cars, you will always get help from the best Mechanic Pig. It will help you with the best equipment and machines for assisting you in crafting. If you download the fighting game then download the Cut The Rope 2 MOD APK. The Mechanic Pig also assemble your car on his own you can only review it and give suggestions to make it more perfect for your chance to win three stars easily.

Collect Hidden Loot Crates:

Bad Piggies also have a feature of collecting various loot crates all over the maps. You can’t only create and craft the vehicles but also spend your time finding and collecting the hidden loots, which helps you unlock the gameplay or exciting upgrade options.

Enjoy Free Mod Version:

You can download and install the bad piggies unlocked version from our website to get completely unlocked, ad-free and many exciting features when you want. Get access to all the unlimited items and enjoy the game. You can easily use these items anywhere when you needed in the game.

How to Download and Install Bad Piggies APK

  • Click the download link given below.
  • Go to the settings to give the required permission of downloading from unknown resources.
  • After the download is complete, tap on the install button.
  • Give permissions required to install the game on your mobile.
  • Install the app on your android device.
  • Follow the given instructions.
  • When it is properly installed, you can start playing and enjoy the game on your android device.


If you like puzzle games, you will definitely enjoy this exciting and adventurous game with the best quality sound effects and graphics. You can easily craft the best vehicles and drive them on the roads for the Pigs to reach their destination quickly. It will prove to be the best time killing game for you where you didn’t get bored because of its excellent features.

FAQs of Bad Piggies Mod APK

How many levels are in this game?
There are 200 specific levels and 40 extra special levels.

Is Bad Piggies Mod APK safe from viruses?
Yes, it doesn’t contain bugs and viruses because we upgrade it on a regular basis.s

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