Download Bloons TD 6 Mod APK 2022 Unlimited Money/Unlocked

Bloons TD 6 Mod APK is a game that was developed and published by Ninja Kiwi. It is a classic shooting and addictive game combined with awesome puzzle challenges. The game is designed very simply, and the player has to shoot balloons and stop them from completing the roadmap. It offers different unique levels and new challenges for gamers. The background of the game is very colourful. It is suitable for people of all age groups. Children above 3 years of age get attracted to this game more as many interesting things keep popping up on the screen. All puzzle game lovers must download this game to experience its outstanding features. Its controls are really good and very simple.

Bloons TD 6 Mod APK is a customized and modified version of the official version that allows you to play the game without paying a single penny. We have a most Popular game Forge of Empires Mod Apk try this must. Everyone knows that just the trial edition is free, and to unlock the entire game, you must spend $4.99. If you want to take advantage of VIP and premium services, you will have to pay more. But you can get it free with all the pro features from our website.

Bloons TD 6 MOD APK Cover

App NameBloons TD 6 Apk Mod
 Publisherninja kiwi
 Latest Version31.2
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money/XP/Unlocked
 Get it OnGoogle Play

Bloons TD 6 MOD APK Gameplay

The gameplay is simple and unique. As a beginner, the players should figure out the strategy to use the best approach against the balloons. In this strategy, the users must build multiple towers to focus on different types of balloons. Making only one tower can work on the initial stage but not for further levels. Hence, users have to plan their strategy. One of the examples is to use of cannons in attacking the opponents. This is because if you use a dart shooter, they become useless early, but you can upgrade canon as much as you want to make them more powerful and deadly. In the initial stages of the game, the users are given ninja and sniper options to fight against the balloons. Snipers are efficient in making precise shots from afar; ninjas can be used as a source to stop armoured balloon attacks.

Features of Bloons TD 6 Mod APK

Bloons TD 6 hacked APK has impressive and unique features that are listed below:

Unique & Amazing Graphics

The game has powerful 3D HD graphics, which give the game a terrific feel when we play it. Whether you’re a young adult or an older person, the game’s simple user interface makes it easier for everyone to enjoy. With our mod version, you may also play Paragons mode. Find new treasures and gain access to the new enormous power to attack.

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Stunning Sound Effects

The game also provides its users with high-quality and enjoyable sound effects, making it even more enjoyable to play.

No compatibility issues

In Bloons TD 6 mod APK, the user does not need to worry about compatibility issues. It is designed so that it is compatible with both android and iPhones.

Intuitive and easy controls

The game has simple controls that require technical skills to shoot the balloons. You have to tap on your mobile screen to fire on the balloons.

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Cheat Codes

This game’s cheat codes help you take unfair advantage of winning every level easily without following the game’s rules.

Unique style

It is very unique from other games due to its simple gameplay play and interactive interface. The main charm of this game is that all the controls are very simple.

Play It Without Any Difficulty

The modded version is not complex at all. All the points and levels are very simple. The user can easily understand them without any guidance from a third person.

Trophy Store

Trophies are earned by playing this game consistently so that you can purchase additional items in this game. It is simple to download and play. Most gamers strive to obtain more trophies. For some individuals, this feature is extremely beneficial.

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Challenge your friends

In the online version of Bloons TD 6, there is an option to invite your friends once you set high targets on the leader board. Connect your Instagram or Facebook account with the app and invite your friends to play this game.

Explore The Bloons World Map

In Bloons TD 6, you can access a lot of fantasy maps. You may play on numerous fields and combat the invading swarms of Balloons over 56 active maps. You can play the game at several difficulty levels depending on your needs using the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level maps. The appearance and texture of each map vary from mode to mode. Although you must play beginner-level maps to unlock higher levels, the Modded APK allows you to do it without exerting any effort.


The updated version of the game also includes a lot of new and deadly weapons that help you to shoot the balloons with more power.

Unlocked New Heroes

The Heroes have arrived to protect the major monkeys from the approaching balloon swarms. In this game, roughly 13 new heroes are automatically updated as they gain XP. The heroes gain XP and become stronger by winning each battle. The more you fight with the hero’s characters, the more power they’ll have to reach at higher levels to fight effectively. Furthermore, this edition has unlocked many heroes for users, allowing them to enjoy playing with a variety of characters rather than just one.

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Customize Heroes Appearance

The best thing about this game is that the heroes can be customized with unique skins. With different skins, you can change the appearance of the Heroes at any time you want. If you are a game lover then try Castle Clash Mod Apk check this amazing features. Our mod version gives you access to all of the hero’s skins.

Unlimited Powers

Users now have a limitless number of powers, allowing them to play and repel as many intruders as possible.

New Baloon

Various new balloon varieties have been added to the game, including MOAB, purple, fortified, relentless BAD, and many others. These are your worst foes, which you must eliminate.

Unlimited Money

Users can now buy whatever they want without worrying about running out of money in the mod version of the game. You can do Bloons TD 6 mod APK free shopping with this unlimited money.


There are also 3 different paths for you to choose from for all your towers.

Game Modes

The game includes a variety of game modes such as restricted monkeys, double health MOABS, savage chimps rule, and many more, all of which add to the excitement of the game.

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Snipers And Ninjas:

Snipers and ninjas have been introduced to the game to make it easier for you to play & Snipers will assist you in destroying the balloons, and ninjas are unstoppable, which makes it more thrilling.

Dozens Of Monkeys

In Bloons TD 6 mod APK android, you can choose from roughly 22 different Monkey characters to protect your towers and fortress. Twenty of the monkeys are persistent from earlier editions, while the other two are newcomers. You can choose from all of the monkey characters as per your needs. Not only that, but all of the monkeys have unique abilities that you may enhance with the given resources. You can increase the powers of each monkey up to 15 levels with Monkey XP points, which will power up the character and do greater damage with higher speeds.

Premium Unlocked

You can quickly get numerous stuff in this game and do free shopping to purchase anything from the in-game store without paying any real money. You receive free access to all of the upgrades, skins, and other items in the shop. Not only that, but you’ll have access to all of the maps, monkeys, and heroes. All you have to do now is pick a level, a monkey, a hero, and begin playing the game. These premium features are not available in the original, but we offered them to you in the mod version.

New Towers

When players and their monkey comrades avoid the invasion of colourful balloons, they will be immersed in the gameplay tower defence genre. You will also build an army to use and guard their region. This decision is fully up to you, and you can reach in various places with the corresponding monkey.

What’s New in Bloons TD 6 MOD APK

Bloons TD 6 cracked APK introduces a rich play style that you can play this game for hours without getting bored. Rather, it will intrigue you to play the next level and explore all the hidden things at every new level. You can also choose the type of gun you want to play with and fire manually and automatically. We have added one new feature: if you hit seven balls, you will get a fireball.

  • Extreme odyssey fix, vortex bug fixes
  • Huge Content Update!
  • New Hero! Geraldo, the Mystic Shopkeeper, has arrived with his amazing emporium of Bloon-popping items!
  • New Boss! Vortex, Deadly Master of Air has been unleashed!
  • Have fun trashing the Bloons on the new Beginner map: Scrapyard
  • Nine new Trophy Store items, including a new remix
  • Challenge browser: Least Cash and Least Tiers special victory conditions added for your puzzle challenge enjoyment

New MOAB Balloons

In Bloons TD 6 mod APK mod menu, a variety of new balloons have been released, each of which is much more powerful than the previous ones. The Mother of All Balloons is difficult to shoot down that will test players until they figure out how to combat the attack. New purple balloons have been added, and players must devise effective techniques to achieve guaranteed success.

New Upgrades

As the battle against the balloons has become more difficult in this game, you will need to reinforce your defence system. You can also employ monkey knowledge trees to earn bonuses, points, and upgrades that will help you complete all the levels easily.

Free to download

Download Bloons TD 6 mod APK unlimited cash free from our website and enjoy premium features free of cost.

Updated Regularly

To get the latest version of this game, you can download every newest version from our website because we regularly update the application.

No root is required

The Bloons TD 6 crack version doesn’t ask you to root your devices.

Easy to install

You can easily download, install and play it on your android device and your PC.

Ads Free

You can block the ads that are irritating you while using the application, and this feature is only available in the hacked version of Bloons TD 6. You can get it easily from our website free of cost.

Download Bloons TD 6 MOD APK Now

  1. Bloons TD 6 mod APK download from our website.
  2. Permit downloading from unknown resources in the settings
  3. When the downloading is finished. Click on the install button.
  4. After complete installation, you can play the game anytime you want.

Bloons TD 6 MOD APK Conclusion

Bloons TD 6 successfully continues the classic series of games about monkeys and balls clashing. There are new sorts of monkeys, balls, heroes, a well-developed unit improvement system, and various settings to explore. This game encourages strategic thinking while also allowing you to have fun by following the instructions.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q1: Can I Get Unlimited Money Free Of Cost In Bloons TD 6?

Ans: Yes, you can get unlimited money, and all the premium features free of cost by downloading its hacked version from our website.

Q2: Is It Safe To Play The Modified Version Of Bloons TD 6?

Ans: Yes, the modified version of Bloons TD 6 never harms your devices because we develop it under the supervision of experts.

Q3: Do I have to root my device for using the mod version of Bloons TD 6?

Ans: No, you don’t need to root your device while playing the mod version of Bloons TD 6. You can easily play it as the typical applications you run on your devices.

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