Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK v4.2.0 (All Sub Quests Completed)

Dragon Ball Legends v4.2.0 mod APK is a video game based on an epic story and various stunning characters that also involves some card elements. The developers of the game devised a very beautiful way to show the story of these characters. The theme of the game is that the player has to save the world from evil powers using the unlimited powers of his chosen character. The fighting style is very interesting as you are free to use punches, kicks or blast them using card

Dragon Ball Legends mod APK, all sub quests completed is a full-on fighting game with powerful animated characters, and simple controls. Moreover, there is no rocket science in its play style, so equally popular in people of all age groups. You will have ultimate fun in this anime-based amazing dragon game as this is not a boring or tiresome typical combat. You can also download now The Pirate Plague of the Dead MOD APK from our website. You will come across amazing combatants here.

Features of Dragon Ball Legends v4.2.0 MOD APK

Access lockable characters

In all the versions of dragon ball legends hack APK, whether its animations, comics or video games, it is unable to see new characters of dragon balls with an ultimate unique power. You have to continue trading with it unlock its new characters or to play a number of tasks to unlock the character you want.

Training Expo

In the dragon ball legends mod menu apk, you can use weight points for training to level up your Exp. You do not worry about losing your favorite warrior in the middle of a war, as the characters were donated to fight in future battles.

Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk Cover

Breaks Limit

In dragon ball legends mod apk unlimited money, Limit powers are used to get Z power from summons to increase or enhance the whole power of the warrior. You can unlock your favorite character just by collecting seven dragon balls.

What’s New in Dragon Ball Legends v4.2.0 MOD APK?

Have a look at some of the newly added features of dragon ball legends mod apk android:

Boost Soul

With the help of new boost panels and soul boost boards, you can upgrade your characters by unlocking them. The soul will be unlocked by completing the storylines and boosting with Zeni.

Great interest in Gameplay

In dragon ball legends mod apk unlimited crystals, you can enter the format of 1vs1 combined with battle cards and real-time combat. These cards contain the original and tricky skills of the characters. Each card has random dragon balls and initial attacks.

Expo Story

Story expires the way to increase the power level. Every animated figure or character will gain some experience points when you finish any story level. This will happen when the energy bar expires.

Download Dragon Ball Legends v4.2.0 MOD APK now

Dragon ball legends mod apk download is very easy to download from our website.

Click on the link given below and the get ready to enjoy the play.

Dragon Ball Legends v4.2.0 MOD APK Gameplay

In dragon ball legends mod apk, you have two options either to play Frieza or Shallot. The gameplay is almost identical in both of them. You have to refrain opposite team characters from letting you down and damaging your health. If you want to punch your enemy, tap on the left of the screen. To burn your enemy, timely swipe the screen towards him. To switch from one fighter to another, tap on their characters. But you can’t switch back to the previous nature unless an inbuilt timer allows you to do so. For more than one punches, continuously tap on them. There is a tip to master the combat; swipe your cards and tabs in time towards the opponents.

Dragon Ball Legends v4.2.0 MOD APK Conclusion

Dragon ball legends mod apk all characters unlocked is an amazing game to enjoy and connect with your friends. We have a most Popular game Dino Hunter Mod Apk try this must. Download this game to explore new legends in dragon ball and experience all above-mentioned features. It offers a great combo of fun and challenges.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q 1: How to increase Z power in dragon ball legends mod apk?

Ans: Try to acquire a large number of shards as it will increase your Z power.



Amazing take on Dragon Ball. The story makes sense and has great gameplay to back it. Controls are not always fully responsive, but what else can they do for a mobile game that should almost be on console with slight tweaks to the card system. Great job BANDAI NAMCO, I look forward to future developments. One thing I have found since this review is that the chrono crystals become increasingly more difficult to attain so I may summon for the new characters. I do not have the money to pay for it


This game is amazing, but even DBL has issues. I love it but it has so many problems. First PvP. It feels rigged because it feels like pay to win in order to get op characters. This makes it impossible to win. Second chroni crystals. Even though you get 10 once in a while doesn’t make it good. It feels impossible to get new characters especially when you finished story mode. At this point I would go play Dokan since it’s easier to play that. Other than that it’s fun and addictive. Go play it


It is a great game, its fun and doesn’t require me to grind a lot for the most part and it runs smoothly. People who are lag switching are a problem but rare as they are from the other side of the planet as it is global pvp. Summons are great as f2p as I got most of the LFs. And for the people who say it has problems, mess around with the settings or clear out some space, I used to have problems as well but I got a new phone with better space and RAM so it runs fine.

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