Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK 1.3.7 Unlimited Money

Food fighter clicker mod APK 1.3.7 is a comprehensive game that provides extremely challenging gameplay and immense fun to its players. The developers of this game took this idea from a Korean Mukbang game for Korean lovers. This game is ultimate fun if you start from the first level and keep playing all the higher levels. There are a lot of challenges for the players where they have to swallow ample food in a single take.

Food fighter clicker mod APK 1.3.7 unlimited money is a phenomenal game with addictive mechanics for Korean lovers. Children enjoy this epic fighting a lot and like to play this game again and again. Enjoy delicious food at home while playing this fantastic game. This game introduces many characters and, all the characters are incredible. All the challenges you face in this game train you and help you in your journey to becoming a good food fighter.

Features of Fighter Clicker MOD APK 1.3.7

Following are the features that this game offers to its players:

Series of challenges

In Food fighter clicker mod APK, the players have to face new challenges in every next level. The player also gets an opportunity to experience and enjoy new and continental foods. These challenges will help you speed up your eating.

Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk Cover

Get your skills polished

As the Food fighter clicker mod APK download is based on simulation, the players enjoy it a lot. They love to observe new options and abilities and try new tactics for fighting. These food combats are very addictive and, later on, it becomes difficult to get away from them.

A table full of new dishes

This is the most attractive feature of this game that the food lovers find very interesting. They love to observe new food items, learn their names, and share their experience with their friends or siblings.

What’s New in Food Fighter Clicker MOD 1.3.7 APK?

Food fighter clicker mod APK unlimited gems and coins offer its players stress-free gameplay and several tasks to upgrade their abilities and prepare them for a competitive match. This version contains all the basic and advanced steps required to prepare a newbie for fighting with a strong opponent. Gradually, the payer becomes able to level up and defeat all the opponents and access all its locked features.

Healthy game

Undoubtedly, the food fighter clicker hack APK is a very healthy game. Unlike other games, it is full of healthy activities and enhances the interest of players in food. It helps to improve their eating habits and keep them healthy. It strengthens their stomach and increases their size to improve their eating routine.

Easy and comprehensive gameplay

In Food fighter clicker mod APK free shopping, android gamers enjoy the most as they find the game mechanics very easy to learn and understand compared to the ones using pc. This game is very intuitive and quickly engages the player by offering a few tricky challenges.

Download Fighter Clicker MOD 1.3.7 APK now

Step 1: Open the settings in your device and allow it to download from unknown sources.

Step 2: Then, reach the downloading page using the link available on our website.

Step 3: The application will be ready to use within a few minutes.

Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK Gameplay

This game is designed so that it is the easiest game one can play. The player has to tap on the screen constantly and finish all the food placed on the table. Speed up your hand movement to finish all the food quickly. Choose high-quality food and swallow more and more food.

Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK 1.3.7 Conclusion

Food fighter clicker mod APK unlimited diamond is a challenging game that trains you to eat till your last breath. It upgrades your eating and swallowing power by giving you new challenges at every subsequent level. Swallow a tremendous amount of food in less time than possible to win the game. It provides a series of exciting events to its users. Enhance your abilities by playing all its levels.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: How to download Food fighter clicker mod APK safely?

Ans: Use the link we provide on our website and get this application free of any error.

Q2: Is there any option to customize your character?

Ans: Yes, you can choose any character and get its abilities upgraded according to your own choice.



The game is fun, every time I try to watch the ad for the daily coupon. I More often than not get a dragon city ad that kicks me off the game every time I get it and won’t give me the coupon. I have been getting the dragon city ad about 80% of the time I watch an ad. Other than that the glass of water is not useful anymore. It barely does anything and I am not that far yet.


This game is amazing! I like the music and sound effects in the game. You get to feed a guy in this game and it is fun! I touched the screen multiple times to see the guy eat and stuff his face with food, and I’m going to admit, it’s so cute! And also he burps whenever he swallows food into his tummy. I used to think it would be unpleasant but it’s kind of funny!


The game is good. Instead of clicking multiple times, you can add a hold click or double-tap to not get tiring. My problem is whenever I watch a video, it lags, freezes, and is unresponsive. And whenever I go back to the game after exiting because the game crashed it does not save where I left. I hope you can fix this, the game is sure good but such a waste if this keeps happening when watching a video.

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