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Fury survivor pixel z mod apk is a fighting game based on an apocalyptic zombie scenario. In only a couple of days, humanity transformed into the walking dead owing to rapidly spreading illness. Now monsters are all around us, but your hero escaped this terrible destiny. It would be best if you located your family and friends who are missing in this turmoil. Go a pretty long and grueling route while killing different opponents to complete your goal. The creators opted to include not one but several scales at once – essential health, level of adequate nutrition. Therefore, when you take injury, you will further lose energy but also feel dehydrated. In addition, you may pump your camp.

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Fury Survivor Pixel Z Mod Apk

In this adventure, players will play the primary role of hero, one of the fortunate ones who is not affected by the viral vector to the other. But the penalties you have to face are to battle to live amid numbers of zombies that emerge everywhere. When you initially play, you have much more in your hand. Therefore you need to search for sources, utilize them to create equipment. The system offers a smithy function, where you may build weapons, firearms, axes, ammo, armor, and many more peripherals to defend yourself, and if you find a Love game try Lovestruck Apk it’s a very famous romantic game.

Simultaneously, you will need to construct temporary shelters to provide a place to relax and recover after hard combat hours. In contrast to the resources necessary to produce gear, you also need meals, drinks, and medical instruments to sustain your life. Your health will eventually end if you do not fill it for some time, and until you locate your daughter and wife, you cannot continue to live longer.

You tap and hold the touchscreen on the control method to move the fighter in the direction and touch the circle symbol in the right of the screen to strike the opponent. Their numbers are incredibly enormous. Therefore you must master both the zombies’ damage and escape their assaults. You only have a few HP and attempt to keep it till you push all the undead back. You may also utilize medical devices that decrease wounds and improve HP.

How to Play

Fury Survivor: pixel z survival speaks about a biological doctor fighting for the government’s survival fight. He and the administration previously collaborated and developed a physical attack, quickly spreading and causing infected individuals to die or genes to mutate. The government has established its laboratory and a team of additional physicians supporting it. Then one day, laboratory employees’ carelessness was likely to leak this armament, allowing the illness to spread all over the place. Until the physician in biology found this out, it would be too late, nearly everywhere was the illness, and his wife and family were gone. I must now confront the repercussions of his creation.

Fury Survivor’s main character: pixel survival 2 mod apk spends so much time in the refuge. You can forge a blacksmith’s weapons. He typically possesses superior weaponry than those who fall into dungeons. The scientific station enables study that influences the parameters of heroes. The priest assigns you daily duties. The motorbike allows you to do rapid raids without continuous personal involvement.  Complete lightning in a chapter you need to finish at least once. Improve the shelter and get benefits from both the modernization itself and the more extensive protection.

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Features of Fury Survivor Pixel Z Mod Apk


Fury Survivor’s protagonist: Pixel Z, finds a camp that he may take a brief vacation. He encounters a massive shelter with many people, including many NPCs, who reward handsomely for killing zombies. You may also take a pet to gather lots – this is handy. They also enhance or reduce certain features, so pick them carefully. Save the inmates and collect them at the camp. You may explore different areas of the city to get the materials required for shelter development.


Of course, the baseball bat is the preferred weapon in every zombie action movie, but then the protagonist has to fight. That is not always nice since there are several zombies at each successive level, and the resources are somewhat lower than necessary. When you have a handgun, then swap to it instantly and kill monsters from a distance. A bit later, the famous AK-47 or M4A1 seems to be on fire like a dragon city. First of a weapon, then of another. At the conclusion, switch towards the bat and complete all that remains. As the game advances, there is a broader array of weaponry.


During Fury Survivor’s gameplay, many logs, stones, or other resources break apart: pixel Z, along with food, drinks, first medical kits, and munitions. You are shocked, yet everything is accessible here for artisanship. You might not even eat raw meat, for example, but a sweet steak. Nevertheless, you have to boil it for that. You may blow it up with explosives to avoid crashing the vehicle for an extended period (prizes for the survivor). Later, as structures emerge, you may build tiny buildings — for a house renovation, protection, and so forth.

How do I Install it?

  1. Go to get the newest version of the app.
  2.  Open and start the file manager
  3.  Switch to “Allow from this source” on the device settings page for the first time installing the APK file.
  4.  Complete installation procedure after screen suggestions.

Last Words:

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z attracts lovers of the role type and is famous for the post-apocalyptic zombie component of contemporary times. The player may manage the character, basic settings, and talents that you would want to share and select at first. However, the pixel setting was intriguing and appealing to many admirers. The game project includes a variety of mechanics. Make excursions to the world populated with zombies, mutants, other warrior clans, and outlaws to equip and expand your refuge.

FAQs – FAQs often asked:

Is downloading the apk safe?

Not all apps are a danger to security. You can download it without any problem.

Is it free to download?

Yes, it is free to download. Download this mod apk from the above link or may be obtained on websites of any third party. These apps can’t be found on the google play store.


What's new

- Optimized game stability.



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