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Gb WhatsApp Apk Introduction

There are a variety of texting applications available in the market, but whats app is a very convenient and free application used around the world. It’s a quick and straightforward way to communicate with family or friends wherever you are. You can share photos, documents, links, audio, and your location through WhatsApp. Moreover, the user wants more unique features in the simple WhatsApp.

GB Whatsapp APK Cover

But now, a mod of WhatsApp has come with extra features, keeping all the requirements of the user we developed Gb WhatsApp apk. This application includes all the user’s features in the simple WhatsApp. Original Gb WhatsApp is a chat program that looks remarkable and works similarly to WhatsApp.

Anyone can use Gb WhatsApp on their phone. You can also share the Gb WhatsApp mod apk link with your contacts in the Gb WhatsApp setting option.

We add some exciting features in update Gb WhatsApp like hiding blue ticks; you can also customize your themes and change the background of your chat with amazing wallpapers and much more.

We update Gb WhatsApp repeatedly according to the user’s needs or the features they want in Gb WhatsApp mod apk. You can also learn more about How to download the WhatsApp Business Mod Apk on google and in our website. It is also an anti-ban version of Gb WhatsApp messenger, with additional features all the time.

Features of Gb WhatsApp App

We designed Gb WhatsApp pro apk download 2022 with all the exciting features, and the features that you can use on your phones are:

Auto Reply:

The feature that makes it different from other WhatsApp versions is adding an auto-reply feature in Gb WhatsApp messenger. When you are busy with work, you can use this feature. From this feature, auto-reply to your friends at any time.

DND (Do not Disturb):

You can use the DND feature while using other apps on your phone and not be disturbed by Whatsapp messages. When you use the DND option in the Gb Whatsapp app, your account goes into offline mode. It will be impossible for you to send or receive messages. Essentially, the DND feature disables the internet connection for Gb Whatsapp free download but not for other applications on your phone.

Text Messages Broadcast:

You can send text messages to a group of people at once from the broadcast tool.

Filter Messages:

When Gb WhatsApp apk downloaded on your phone, you can use the feature of filter messages. This feature will filter your messages in explicit chats.

Anti-revoke Messages:

when you use this feature in Gb WhatsApp messenger, you can anti-delete messages. If any of your friends send a message to you and delete it, they would not delete it for you; it can still see in your chats.

Send Full Pictures and Videos:

In this feature of the Gb WhatsApp update, you can send more pictures to your contacts like you can send more than 90 pictures at once. You can also view TikTok MOD APK from our website. Moreover, you can send 50 to 100 Mb video clips to your contacts.

Amazing Themes:

In Gb WhatsApp mod, you can customize the themes of your choice.

Download Statuses:

A great feature of this application is that you can download the photos and videos of statuses uploaded by your contacts.

Gb Whatsapp install and download 

For android

It’s an easy step to install and download Gb Whatsapp mod apk are:

  1. Click on the download link given on our website
  2. Go to settings and allow downloading from unknown resources
  3. When the downloading finish, click on the install button
  4. Then grant permissions to install this app on your phone
  5. After installing the app, create an account by giving your mobile number
  6. The application will send and code on your registered mobile number
  7. You enter the code that sent to your mobile number, now create your account

Congratulations! now you can talk to your friends, family and relatives for free from the Gb WhatsApp messenger.

Gb Whatsapp downloading for PC

If you want to use Gb WhatsApp update on your PC. Below are the steps:

  1. Click on the link given on our website
  2. After downloading the link, download the blue stacks emulator, which allows you to use an android application on your PC
  3. Install the download file of the emulator
  4. Open the emulator on your PC and install the Gb WhatsApp apk

By using WhatsApp web

  1. Enter WhatsApp web on search engine
  2. Click on the first result of the search
  3. Scan the QR code on your PC screen with your mobile device.
  4. You may now use Whatsapp on your PC with ease.

Gb Whatsapp new version for iPhone

You can also use Gb WhatsApp update on your phone. Steps for downloading this app on your iPhone are:

  1. Firstly, go to the search engine of your device
  2. Click on the given button to download the original Gb Whatsapp file for iOS
  3. After the downloading, please open the file to install it
  4. Click on the install button for installing
  5. After a few seconds, installing process will be completed
  6. When the Gb WhatsApp iOS install on your phone, start the app
  7. Login to your WhatsApp account

Now you may access the app!


It is the latest version of Gb WhatsApp messenger with all the exciting features we developed in this app. It’s a free messaging application that you can use to chat with your contacts.

You do not need to spend money on this app—the best communication app for connecting individuals from all over the world.

FAQs of Gb WhatsApp apk

Is it safe to use Gb WhatsApp new version?

Yes, using Gb WhatsApp is entirely safe, as the foremost priority is your privacy, and it uses the same end-to-end encryption as regular WhatsApp.

Does Gb WhatsApp show hidden status?

Gb WhatsApp is one such WhatsApp mod that, among other things, allows you to hide status seen activities from your contacts and many other capabilities that WhatsApp lacks. By hiding your online status, your contacts see you offline.

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