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Do you love to play horror games with deadly challenges for you? Do you know how to protect yourself from the zombies because they can kill you very badly? So, granny mod apk is to test your skills and ways to avoid the monster.
Moreover, it is developed by DVloper and belongs to the arcade genre. Granny apk mod is based on protecting yourself from the attack of granny, who is a monster and has no such great feelings for you as a typical granny has.

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Granny Mod APK Introduction

Granny’s cookies mod is full of horror experiences for the gamers and the sound effects will enhance the thrill in the game. The granny apk game will provide you opportunities to protect by using weapons and hiding in the corners of the house.

Further, every corner of the granny’s house in granny game has many secrets and hidden challenges for you. You will find a lot of puzzles in granny mod menu, which need to be solved if you want to get out of that horror house.

You can also enjoy granny horror game cheats to make the game easier for you to play. Likewise, granny video games is one of the best horror game that makes the player addicted to it.

Therefore, granny horror game download option is there for you people for downloading it on your device. You can also view Vector 2 Mod APK from our website. Go and explore every corner of the granny 4 game that contains tremendous puzzles for you to solve.

These puzzles will take you out of the house safely without being noticed by the granny. Stay focused on solving these puzzles.

How to Play Granny Mod APK

The gameplay of granny mod apk involves simplest strategies that would be helpful for getting out from the horror house.

Protect Yourself From Granny’s Attack:

A granny is not just like your caring, and loving granny but she can kill you when she finds you in her house. Accordingly, you have to stay away from her so that she is not able to recognize you in her house.

Hide and Avoid Noises:

You have to lay on the bed by having a blanket on yourself or otherwise close the doors tightly so that she cannot enter your room. She is blind and can’t see, so be careful and don’t make a noise; otherwise, she will come to you straight and that will not be good for you definitely.

Unlock Weapons:

You will find some keys that you can collect as a reward after winning the game. These keys will help you in solving the puzzles and you can get out of the house easily. If you have no keys, then a time of 5 days which is given to the player to stay in house will end, and you will be lost there.

Avoid Grandpa:

Not only, granny is there behind you, but you can also find grandpa in the game. Grandpa is also looking like a monster, and can kill you not with a single hit only, but by torturing you.

The only option is to protect yourself by hiding; otherwise you have to handover yourself to them and lose your life

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Granny Mod APK Features

Unlimited Money:

You will get a lot of money for yourself in the granny free. Additionally, you can utilize this money for purchasing items from the store. You can get some more hours to survive in the house or can get keys for solving the puzzles.

Free Keys:

In the same way, you will need keys to unlock the weapons that can be used as a self-defense. The granny weapon key will be very helpful for you and you can get amazing deadly weapons to kill that monstrous granny.

No Rooting:

The granny ghost game does not require rooting of the device after download. You can run the game easily on the device without any lagging of the device.

Become Immortal:

In addition to this, granny outwitt mod apk enables you to become immortal so that the attacks of granny will not affect you at all ,and you will not be affected. You can also learn more about How to download the Sky Force Reloaded MOD APK on google and in our website.  And, her hits will be nothing else but a wastage of time and effort.

No Ads:

After getting granny mod apk, you don’t have to be worried about the ads during gameplay. This modded version does not contains ads that were too much irritating during the gameplay.

How to Install Granny Mod APK

Are you searching an option for the granny game install? If some players find granny download difficult, then we will make it easy for you. Just look at these given steps carefully.

  • Find an option of ‘granny mod apk download’ and hit that.
  • Start your download, and wait for some time till its completion.
  • After that, allow it be installed on the device by giving permissions.
  • The, locate the file, and make your account to play as a survivor.

You can also search the granny apk game from www granny com and can enjoy the horror gameplay and its puzzles.


Q1: Can children play granny video games?
Ans: This game is suitable only for adults because of its horror themes and deadly scenes. The children may get frightened due to blood and attack by weapons.

Q2: Is Granny apk mod free?
Ans: You can get granny game for free by following the provided link. There is no need to use your money and make it a burden on your pocket.


So Guys! I am going to summarize the granny mod apk with a surety that you got an idea of the downloading procedure and gameplay strategies. You can find the game’s more interesting features by granny cheating.
Furthermore, the cheat moves will help you in getting free keys and money to make the game more amazing and incredible. Go for the granny mod download options and explore the game which contains experience full of scary 3D graphics and screaming sound effects.

After finding an option of granny download, there must not be a second thought except hitting the option. If you find any kind of complexity in the gameplay, ask for the solutions. I will answer it ASAP. Good luck for your experience with granny mod apk.

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