Download Hitmasters Mod APK V1.15.12 (All Unlocked)

Hitmasters MOD APK is a puzzle-based game that was developed and published by Playgendary Limited. You will play the character of a skilled agent who has to fulfil the ultimate mission: bringing down the evil criminal groups damaging the city. Feel free to dive in to a series of thrilling shooting levels with distinctive puzzle-solving tasks. Go through various in-game obstacles and discover new strategies to defeat your foes. Enjoy the fantastic gameplay while learning new mechanics and completing challenging levels.

In Hitmasters MOD APK, explore the world of puzzle gameplay, which is full of amusing and fascinating acts that will leave you speechless. This is the official version of the Zombie Catcher Mod Apk please download this app. To pass through the difficult levels, you will require unlimited money and gems that you can only get from our Hitmasters hack APK. This opportunity will not be offered to you by the original version that you get from the play store.

Features of Hitmasters Mod APK

Hitmasters mod APK 2022 provides unique features that are listed below:

Amazing Graphics

Hitmasters is a fun and accessible game for people of all ages, with simple and pleasant cartoony graphics. With each of your new tasks, you’ll also find the smart in-game aesthetics that are highly engaging. Feel free to immerse yourself in the vibrant adventures and enjoy the distinctive visual effects as you defeat your enemies. Most importantly, you can always be confident that the game will run smoothly on all of your mobile devices.

Stunning Sound Effects

It also includes interactive and addicting sound effects that will allow you to immerse yourself in the thrilling missions and levels fully. Android gamers will be able to enjoy the game with excellent audio effects and background music.

Exciting Levels To Play

There are a lot of difficult levels that you have to complete, but after every 10 levels, you have to fight against the evil boss. Despite their appearance, these bosses have greater HP and are more difficult to defeat. If that doesn’t scare you off, keep in mind that there will be even more difficult obstacles to overcome after the bosses.

Hitmasters Mod Apk Cover

Intuitive And Easy Controls

The game offers simple and stunning controls that you just have to hold the screen and target where you want to shoot before releasing your fingers. As you progress through the game, you’ll face complex problems, including more challenges and obstacles to overcome.

Amazing Power-Ups And Boosters

You can also get and use unique power-ups and boosters. Gamers can benefit from various stunning boosts while completing challenging levels to avoid difficulties and gain remarkable rewards.

Unlimited Money & Coins

We are also giving you unlimited money that helps you to do Hitmasters mod APK free shopping. When you start the game, you have a lot of money, and it doesn’t go away when you use it. You have complete freedom in purchasing unique weapons and clothing for the hero.

Variety Of Weapons

After conquering 10 levels, the shop will make you offer new guns. There are numerous weapons available for purchase, each with its unique purpose and power. For example, you can purchase new shotguns to use in Shotgun Mode and so on. There’s also a large assortment of costumes to choose from that suit your needs. You can change your appearance in any way you want. Hitmasters mod APK all unlocked will give you all these things in unlimited numbers so that you can easily become a pro player. Hitmasters mod APK all levels unlocked will help you to play any level you want without completing the previous levels.

Stunning Characters

Hitmasters provides basic and engaging in-game characters, each with its own distinct appearance and personality. You have complete freedom to modify your in-game experiences and enjoy the unique gameplay anytime you want. Simply collect enough coins during your gameplay to unlock your new characters, and then play the game with various of them.

Remarkable Game Modes

Hitmasters offers four different game modes to pick from. In Shotgun Mode, your weapon is a shotgun that sprays bullets and is only useful for close-range combat. The Gravity model is the next phase, in which you get an object-sucking pistol to exterminate the enemies. Then there’s Ricochet Mode, where you will use a sniper rifle to take out targets placed at a long distance quickly. Finally, the Toxic Mode lets you to exert acid pitchers against your opponents.

Cheat Codes

Hitmasters cheat APK will help you to use unlimited cheat codes without following any game rules. You can use these codes to defeat the enemies without getting hurt.

What’s New in Hitmasters MOD APK?

The latest version includes the following up-gradations that are listed below:

  • Free to download
  • Updated Regularly.
  • No root is required.
  • All bugs are fixed.
  • Ads-free.
  • Unlimited coins and money.
  • Enhance the speed.

Download Hitmasters MOD APK now

  1. Hitmasters mod APK download from our website.
  2. Permit downloading from unknown resources in the settings
  3. When the downloading is finished. Click on the install button.
  4. After complete installation, you can play the game anytime you want.

Hitmasters MOD APK Gameplay

The gameplay isn’t too tough to understand and grip on. To make the shot, simply touch and hold on the right side of the screen, drag in different directions to aim at the target, and let go of your finger. There will be walls, obstacles, and dangerous enemies on each level. If you are a acton lover then try My Mini Mart MOD APK check this amazing features. Your mission is to eliminate them with the default rifle and ammo provided to you. If you don’t know how to use the barrels, iron balls, or bombs, you will quickly grasp it by playing the game again and again. Furthermore, the boss will arrive after 10 or 20 levels. They’re more difficult to kill than usual, as they constantly shift locations after each round.

Hitmasters MOD APK Conclusion

Android gamers will be extremely satisfied with this fantastic Hitmasters product. Feel free to immerse yourself in the adventures and have a good time with the game’s entertaining puzzle-solving tasks. Of course, you can always get the unlocked gameplay for free on our website.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q1: How To Get Unlimited Money In Hitmasters Game?

Ans: Download the hacked version of Hitmasters from our website and enjoy unlimited money free of cost.

Q2: Is It Safe To Play The Mod Version Of Hitmasters On My Device?

Ans: Yes, it is 100% safe to download and play the mod version of Hitmasters on your devices.



To all the people having issues with the sheer amount of ads. All you can do is simply turn off your WiFi and data while playing this game. If you want to get a reward or check your notifications the turn it back on (it only takes a few seconds to reconnect). But besides from that, this game has fantastic variation in the amount of game modes. It is easy to use and easy to understand.


Amazing game good for time wasting because it really suckes you into the game i could play this for hours on end i really recommend it


Good game, not too many ads, made by a awesome company who made other fun memorable games 5/5.

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