Idle Restaurant Tycoon APK 1.17.5 (Mod+ Unlimited money)

Idle Restaurant Tycoon mod APK unlimited money is a trending game with a lot of game characters assisting you in regaining the lost glory of the restaurant and getting back its recognition. A German developer known as Kolibri Games developed this epic application. The main reason for its creation is to train the users how to start from scratch, build a large restaurant successfully, and handle a high-class restaurant in an organized way.

Idle Restaurant Tycoon mod APK 1.17.5 is a combination of many gameplays and a number of tasks. Your ultimate goal is to improve the restaurant. It would be best to enlarge the area your restaurant is covering to expand it, hire new workers to improve the service, and update the menu card to attract more customers. Access new modules and win a series of arcade clickers to get unlimited funds and achieve your goal.

Features of idle restaurant tycoon 1.17.5 MOD APK

Execute quests

If you have no idea what to perform next, then one excellent work to perform in idle restaurant tycoon hack APK is to do quests. In this article, we will be discussing about How to download Idle Streamer Mod APK. Every mission in the game provides you with a specific sum of money, and the number of tasks is often diverse on a different level.

Extend the restaurant

In idle restaurant tycoon mod apk android, you will have your large restaurant with a vast space containing many rooms to working. In the game, you will have to give your energy to the restaurant to maintain and update the furniture to sum up, the money from the coming guests.

Idle Restaurant Tycoon Mod Apk Cover


The graphics of the game provides profound observation containing entirely vivid 3D graphics. The characters of the game are made in cartoon design that is nice and perfect for the game material.

What’s New in the idle restaurant tycoon MOD APK?

Update the necessary items

You can get all the related information by touching the already available inner parts inside the idle restaurant tycoon mod apk download. So you can update your furniture without any problem by using money, and every type will have a different effect as you upgrade it.

Restaurant services

The service is not only limited to the restaurant where guests enjoy the tastes, but you can explore services to the home delivery. The customers who are not able to come to the restaurant will surely help you to earn a lot of earnings.

Be a billionaire

It is very challenging to become a billionaire in the idle restaurant tycoon mod apk unlimited money or the real global. Tasteful food is undoubtedly the best cause to keep in touch with good guests.

Download the idle restaurant MOD APK now

To download this game, click on the link provided at the end of the article.

Idle restaurant tycoon 1.17.5 MOD APK Gameplay

Idle Restaurant Tycoon mod APK is a paradoxical game that offers gentle gameplay. The player acts as a restaurant manager and builds his restaurant. The game starts when you get a few guests. Collect money from them and hire a chef using the earned money. Try to get more money by attracting more customers. If you fall short of money, the staff will leave the restaurant. Explore new dishes and provide better service to increase your revenue. This is the key to earning unlimited money. Get more free tips at each step during the game to win.

Idle restaurant 1.17.5 MOD APK Conclusion

This is a fast, highly relaxing and full of fun game. Our website offers the mod version of Idle Restaurant Tycoon mod APK 2022 with an outstanding speed and free from viruses to facilitate our users. Further, no need to register before downloading this application. Please send us an SMS in case of any query related to idle restaurant APK.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q 1: Do the money we earn in Restaurant Tycoon mod APK decreases with time?

Ans: No, the money decrease when you use it. But at the same time, you get new chances to earn more money.

Q 2: Do we select the location to build a restaurant in the mod version of idle restaurant tycoon?

Ans: Yes, you are free to choose an ideal location for your restaurant such as in a residential area, or out of city or a scheduled corner area.



This is an update from last review. Game is great. I like it! Nice music in the background. It sets a nice mood while customers are being served. I find it good that there is a way to earn rubies to buy or upgrade certain items in the game. we’re going to talk about our new app. It’s called SimCity Buildit Mod Apk. It just takes patience. Ads really not a problem for me. But I do think $14:99 is a bit high for removing ad, other than that. I really enjoy having different restaurant styles to work with when I’m playing. It’s a really good game to pass the time with.


Pretty good. I paid for the no ads option in the game and honestly it was worth it. If I had to deal with watching ads to get bonuses and what not, I would have quit long ago. I enjoy the fact that once you finish a restaurant (and get 5 stars) it doesn’t just sit there, you can renovate it and continue working through it. I would recommend this to a friend who just wanted a background to check up on throughout the work day.


A pretty decent idle (watch the numbers slowly go up) type of game. You will surely be playing for a long long time. There are currently 5 restaurants all with at least 3 levels where everything gets more and more expensive, but staying around the same speed throughout the whole experience. If you want a game where you can check in every now and then, then I would say to give it a try.

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