Download Larva Heroes MOD APK 2.8.9 (Infinite Candy/Coins)

Larva Heroes MOD APK 2.8.9 is an android game designed for larva animation lovers. Mr. Gamers are the developers of this animated lavenger series. The theme of the game is that there are some evil powers who are overwhelming the Earth. On the other hand, there is a group of larvas. Their mission is to free their land from the enemies. Enjoy the hilarious actions and interesting battles of larva group against the opponents who are trying to occupy the land. You can also join your favourite larva animation from the group.

In Larva Heroes MOD APK 2.8.9, lavengers are now provided with the opportunity to make their hero friends who can help them in their journey to defeat the enemies. Some larva units have also been built therein. You can take support from them anytime in the game. Moreover, you can also customize your larva units and make your own army to assist you in this mission to defeat invading aliens. You can also learn more about How to download the Among Us Mod Apk on google and in our website. You will also learn various skills from this game such as quick decision making, tactical skills to handle pressure from enemies.

Features of Larva Heroes MOD APK 2.8.9

Various Leading and Supporting Characters:

Larva heroes offer an entertaining platform to game lovers and various characters, including super yellow, wizard Brown and violet. Each character has incredible powers and larva-style judo, which they can apply to defeat their rival. Leading and supporting characters are also obtainable to assist in the quest. Thus plot the auxiliary hysterical and amusing battle in the company of her friends.

Larva Heroes Mod Apk Cover

Challenging Game:

Unlike many other games larva heroes mod apk is not such an easy task. Undeniably it is a challenging job with escalated difficulties that increase level to level. This factor makes the game unique and exciting.

Get Captain Jack coupons:

One of the most fantastic things in Larva heroes cheat apk is that you will be rewarded with various gold, candies, and commodities at the end of each stage. Moreover, Larva heroes also grant essential daily rewards to its players. These items will boost your energy, and you will get better and better with each passing day.

Easy to have:

Larva heroes hack apk need a higher memory to install. You can easily download and install it in 92.7 MB as well as in Android 4.4 plus. No need to purchase a smartphone just to play a fighting game you can enjoy the one in an average android.

What’s New in Larva Heroes MOD APK 2.8.9?

Much up-gradation has been made in this new version of larva heroes mod apk unlimited gold and candy regarding ultimate fights of larva heroes. Now several larva units have been made a part of it, and they will assist you in your mission; you have been provided with the opportunity to build customized units if you want. You can boost your units and make them more resilient by investing in the unlimited candies you will win from the game.

Free to play:

In normal circumstances, users have to pay amount to unlock certain features of larva heroes mod APK unlock all and to get subscription but you can get it totally free by just clicking on the link shown on our website.


In any content, visuality plays an important role. It is the visibility that makes the things able to catch human sight. Here is the best Major Mayhem 2 Mod APK with pro pack unlocked. Thanks to larva heroes that has wonderful visuals and let the persons to be addicted. larva heroes APK present graphics similar to the animations which will be totally fun for those who are interested in it.

Download Larva Heroes MOD APK 2.8.9 MOD APK now

  • To download larva heroes mod apk file, click on the link available on our website.
  • Allow the file to run from settings in your android.
  • Larva heroes is ready to install.

Larva Heroes MOD APK 2.8.9 Gameplay

If you read all the instructions about gameplay, you will find this game very easy to play and will be able to save your valueable time. Also try to read game tips emerging on screen while playing game. These tips will guide you about required course of action at that moment of time. Always choose the original mode to play as it is easy and involves single player for beginners. Further, use red and yellow larvas as they are capable to fight against large number of enemies. We will try to find authentic information and will try to answer your all queries. Moreover, new larva characters have also been added with a lot of new colors including black, yellow, super yellow, brown, red and rainbow.

Larva Heroes MOD APK 2.8.9 Conclusion

Larva Heroes MOD APK android is a recommended game, if you are interested in action based games. You will experience hilarious and amazing actions with your favorite larva group. There is not any reason to refrain yourself from downloading this game as it is available free of cost on our website. Larva’s new styles are very addictive and intriguing for larva lovers. To make the warfare extra amusing, various supporting characters have been introduced. We tried to explain every feature and option in detail in this article. Larva heroes is a complete package of entertainment.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q 1: Is there any threat in downloading larva heroes mod apk free shopping

Ans: There might be some threat if you download if from the play store. But we have checked it several times and removed all bugs and errors from it. So it is safe to download now from our website.

Q 2: Is this new version of larva heroes unlimited candy is available free of cost

Ans: Yes, you can enjoy this game free of cost. We are not charging a single penny for this game. But if you choose to download if from, you will be liable to pay some amount to get some features unlocked.

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