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Hey! Are you willing to have best application for sharing your net with others safely? If yes then we are here to give you the best and amazing apk app that will help you in this matter safely. Whenever people always ask us that do we have internet connection? or please share your internet connection with us, so some devices are not have feature of sharing net so they want something secure and best to share their connection of server with others.

Netshare pro apk is the best apk application that will make your mobile device a good internet theater and will also protect your data from hacking. Now, If you are willing to know more about it’s features and installing process then stay with us till the end of article. So let’s start our article.

Netshare Pro Apk Cover

Netshare Pro Apk Introduction

Netshare apk pro is a new modified and cracked version of old Netshare application. The actual application of Netshare is available on AppStore. But keep in mind that if you will download it from the app store then you have to spend money on it for buying a premium subscription. The premium subscription will give you all the premium access of the Netshare app in free. With the help of net share apk pro will be able to share your internet connection with other people and the best lover thing about it is that you can also share your wifi connections too, Isn’t it cool? The real app of Netshare was published by the Netshare Software so that people can share their mobile wifi with other by using direct internet connection. Want to know more about it? So let’s go.

How to use Netshare Pro Apk

Netshare pro apk is developed for the purpose of people easiness that lives in specific areas where internet connection are very low. Netshare pro will help them to boost their internet’s weak connections. Whenever your friends and family ask to share an internet connection with them, use Netshare that will work as a router and rector at a simultaneous time and will not disturb your working of the mobile device.

Netshare Pro Apk Features

Free to Use:

If you want to download the Netshare app from play store the you have to pay for it premium subscription so that you can enjoy its premium features. But in case you don’t have money to buy the premium subscription then download apk mod of Netshare it will give you everything free of cost. Isn’t it the best feature?


If you don’t have a wifi connection and people ask for an internet connection then you can share your mobile data with them by using the router feature of the Netshare app pro in free. It will work as hot spot from your mobile device for others.


In various applications, there are too many ads that pop up again and again and disturb your work. In the actual app that you will download from AppStore, you have to spend money to remove ads. But in this apk mod, we will not demand money from you and will remove ads permanently for you.


As we explained it before that the Netshare will work for multiple purposes that it will work as a repeater and router also. Here we will talk about its repeated feature that is amazing. In case you don’t know what is repeated then let us explain to you. The repeater is a feature that will boost your internet connection in areas where internet connections are very low. All you have to do is connect your mobile to the internet and open the app and select your wifi server and boom your internet speed will br normal.

Password Secure:

In case you want to secure your server connection from people that use your connection without your permission than you can put a password on the internet connection and save it.

Simple interface:

There is not a big deal in using the apk mod of the Netshare app. It is very easy and have user friendly interface. Give it a try and you will not regret in life again.


Is netshare apk pro safe route for my device?
Yes, Netshare pro apk is developed for protection of devices and for sharing internet connection safely. So it is safe and very secured apk mod foe your device.

How can we download the netshare apk for free?
You can download the the Netshare app pro from any website that is safe for your device. Of you will download it from the play store then you have to spend money on it. Choice is yours.

Is there any need to root my device before downloading the Netshare pro apk?
No, you can download the premium apk app of Netshare without rooting your mobile device. There is no need to root your device, it can be downlaod with root and without root of mobile phone.

How to install the Netshare apk pro?

For installing the Netshare apk pro, you have to follow the basic steps that are:

Go to settings.
Turn the unknown resources on for downloading the apk pro.
Download the Netshare apk pro from given link.
Install it.
Enjoy sharing your network or boosting the internet network.


Hopefully, you have downloaded the Netshare apk pro successfully in your Android devices without rooting device. If you like our article on the given apk pro then please share it with your family and friends so that can alsi have best experience of their life.

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