Real Steel World Robot Boxing MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod apk 65.65.158 is a fighting confrontation between martial artists including Olympics in which you control robots. The main idea behind this gaming application is taken from the movie Real Steel to inspire our youth, especially boxing lovers. The player is not allowed to use any weapons for attack or defense. The battle involves only head, hands, feet, and leg attacks with more than 20 different robots.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing mod apk unlimited money is a fantastic sport between champions held all over the world. It has a great resemblance to the play style of Tekken and is a source of fun for the players. You can also choose to play with a computer in an offline mode or invite your friends using social media if you have a stable internet connection. The graphics are very intriguing and so is the sound system that you will feel like a console play even on an Android.

Features of Real Steel World Robot Boxing MOD APK

Good Competition

Real Steel World Robot Boxing mod apk download gives its players a good competitive environment as there is also a multiplayer mode now. It allows them to invite friends from all over the world and challenge them.

Become a boxer

In the Real Steel World Robot Boxing cheat apk, you will get a chance to enhance and polish your skills as a boxer. You can also learn more about How to download the Slither io Mod Apk on google and in our website. You can try as many times as you want and become a pro in the boxing world. Practice more and learn new fighting techniques.

Win championship

Real Steel World Robot Boxing cracked apk gives you unlimited matches and tournaments to play and become a champion. The player has to defeat WRB to become a champion. Control your robot and figure out the right place to attack. This will help you to win the match.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod Apk Cover

What’s New in Real Steel World Robot Boxing MOD APK?

In this version of the Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod apk 2022, we have added the easiest elements to encourage beginners. All the stunning features attract a large number of players. Further, upgrade your robot by adopting the fighting style of champions. Download this version to have a wonderful boxing experience with us.

Learn new combats

In the Real Steel World Robot Boxing mod apk ios, you can enjoy new combat every time you play the match. Learn and grasp the fighting style of every character to win future tournaments and higher leagues.

Variety of Robots

One of the features of this game is that there is a wide variety of robots available to play different matches. These are giant robots such as hollow jack, Blockbuster, etc weighing 2000 pounds to play fierce matches.

Download Real Steel World Robot Boxing mod APK now

Download the apk file of the Real Steel World Robot Boxing mod apk by tapping on the given link.

Click on the file to open it on your device.

Install this gaming application as the file gets downloaded.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod APK Gameplay

You can manage all the actions using three main buttons. These buttons control the hits during the battle. The left button is for a strong hit while the right button is for a weak hit. Use the button at the bottom of the screen to defend yourself from the enemy. If you download the fighting game then download the Bleach Brave Souls Mod APK. Moreover, you can also make a good combination of these buttons and create a new move to attack your opponent.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod APK Conclusion

In Real Steel World Robot Boxing mod APK unlimited money the player controls robots. Here you will learn how to let down your enemy using unexpected moves. Choose any robot of your choice among the large collection of robots and practice like a real gym. You just require an Android 2.2 or higher to install this video game application.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: How to become a professional boxer?

Ans: Try all the game modes we are offering and train your character like a gym to become a pro in the boxing world.

Q2: Can we play Real Steel World Robot Boxing hack apk in multiplayer mode?

Ans: Yes, you can also invite your close friends or relatives to enjoy a boxing competition with you. Connect your social media accounts with the app to invite people from anywhere in the world.



I’ve had this game more than once before. This game is a great game! The graphics are good and so are the controls. There are plenty of opponents to defeat before becoming the Ultimate Real Steel WRB champion! The robots from the film Real Steel are in this game, along with a lot of new ones. There are a LOT to buy and upgrade. I’ve played this game all the way through and become the Ultimate Champion, just to uninstall and reinstall and start again! That’s how fun this game is!


I loved this game so much, I spent days and days playing, spent money, and overall was very addicting, I played this game before and enjoyed it a lot. It was pretty good. Listen folks. This is a cool game and just as good as the movie. All the same robots and more. Very fun, the game is AWESOME. It is actually worth spending a few bucks on. Thanks.


Great game! Best part is that you don’t have to upgrade your bot really to beat the boss, maybe just one or two. Also, no need to really purchase anything, just do good combos. The only bad thing is that you have to get google play so if you delete it you don’t have any progress, make sure you save the progress!! To help you if you have trouble winning, purchase these robots: UWI Ambush UWII Six Shooter WRB I Gridlock WRB Albino WRB- Metro Gold.

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