Slap Kings MOD APK 2022 Unlimited Money and Coins

Slap kings mod hack apk having access to the slapping experinces. You have to go against your opponent and win the game. By wining the game you become a best slapper in the world.You get the experience of different level each features have its own gameplay. Enjoy epic matchup with your opponent and enjoying slapping content.Take down enimies as you become winner and climb up to the highest level. Earn coins to power up your character and find the slapping challenge. This game is full of action. It based on thereal tournament in which two opponent slap each other one by one. One will win the game who slap more power fully.You find different tricks with unique action. Game become more better than before. Diffrent character are present in this version. This is the official version of the Rope Frog Ninja Hero Mod APK please download this app. You can get unlimited money. Your coins will increase increase your power.

You can get costumes in this version. To become the king of slapping you will need to become worrior in the battewl. You have to charge up your hand before the tournament. You have to slap blow and make the opponent  fly out of the ring like the fish out of the water. The aim of the game is to slap harder to your opponent. If you slap your opponent harder than you play with an other opponent.


Simple and exciting gameplay:

Slap kings mod apk download will come with the interesting action game. In which you slap your opponent. You fight with your opponent and slap unlimitedly that makes your level up.You can explore the awesome  features in slap king.

Intresting character:

To make the game more interesting gamer have allow you  to introduced the different character in different scenarios. You make to attack your opponent. The ragdoll physic will deliver entertaining moments.

Slap Kings Mod Apk Cover

Different levels:

Slap kings mod cheat apk offer you a collection of games which you can enjoy. You can face more challenging enemies in the game. You can face the most difficult level in this game. But you still love to play and accept more challenges in the game.

Challenge your opponent in different maps:

Slap kings mod apk 2022 gives you a new maps in this version to enjoy more. Tournament should be held in any location around the map. The crowd comes more cheering for you. It would feel a lot more fun.

Upgrade Power:

The game offers multiple upgrade that uses to make your power up your character.You can make uses of available power that allow you to deliver more power.To upgrade your HP allowing you to stand with enimies attack.You have to upgrade your character by using coins. That will inceaser your power to fight against the enimies in the fight.

Lots of new features:

In this version you can enjoy new features . In this game you can get unlimited money and coin that helps you to increase your power. The gameplay is so exiciting. You can play it offline and online both modes.

Free to Play:

It is the game that is fully free on android. It is very simple for you to get access. You get this game from our website easily.


It is 3D graphics. All features looks like real. You haveto enjoy this game with unique features.All design are colourful and different. You can play this game on your android device also.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • Unique action: This game is full of unusal action which make player to take intrest in the game.
  • High addiction: Slap king mod apk is very addictive game. It is full of action.
  • Free of cost: You can download this game without any cost.You don’t need to spend a penny.


  • Ads Popu: Ads are come sometime in front of screen but there I no issue.

Gameplay of Slap Kings MOD APK:

Slap kings mod apk is designed for all age group. Gamer have chance to complete the slapping challenges. You have to compete with your opponent. You can slap hard to win the level. You can defeting your opponent with hardest slap. It is a 1v1 game. If you download the fighting game then download the Hitman Sniper MOD APK. You can play one level in one time. After completing the level you have to up grade your level. You can play this game on yiour android device. All the features are unlocked.You can use unlimited money and coins to increase the power. You have to use different skills. Graphics are awesome and real. You feel like you are playing in real battel. It is an action game. Power is not only factory to judge your victory techniques are also matter. There are different level are available. You can play this game smoothly and get unique experinces. You have to fae different challenges. More challenges you can face you become the world best slapper by wining the game.You can compete with your friend. Audience are present in the arena . That support you in tournament and make them wining king.You need to slap heavy and stronge .You have to charge your arm.The aim is to slap harder.

How to download slap kings mod apk:

  • First go to our website.
  • Give permission to unknown resource in your setting.
  • Press the install button.
  • After completing installation you can play the game any time.

What’s New in Slap kings mod apk:

  • Anti plus Coin
  • Technical error are fixed
  • Bug resolved


It is full of action game. Slapping your opponent and make your level up. Graphic and sound are seems real and unique. You love to play this game . So download now and get a ellegent experience.

FAQS (frequently asked question)

Is it safe to install?

Yes it is fully safe to download.

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