Download Stick Cricket Live MOD APK v2.0.9 (All unlocked)

Stick Cricket Live mod APK v2.0.9 is a perfectly suitable one fight one game for cricket lovers that involves using their judgmental skills and selecting players and levels. The main theme of the story is to improve the player’s judgment regarding hitting the ball at the correct time. The player sits as a third person to observe the play and all the characters. The player must give full attention to understanding game mechanics and gaining its concept.

Stick Cricket Live mod APK v2.0.9 is a fantastic source to play a real-time cricket match with your friends. Complete all the levels and get impressive rewards in the end. Undoubtedly, you will get many chances to enhance your skills in this game. Its unique features make this game popular all over the world. Enjoy this must-have play with your friends by connecting your social media accounts with this application.

Features of Stick Cricket Live MOD APK

Interesting combat

In Stick Cricket Live mod APK android, there is a very competitive environment that keeps the player active all the time. This creates a very pleasant atmosphere throughout the play and removes boredom.

Good music

The players are always attracted to the background music in the game. Therefore we added very good music to the game to entertain our players. This music doesn’t distract player but rather help them maintain better focus.

Stick Cricket Live Mod Apk

Worldwide stadiums

Now the players can choose to play this cricket match worldwide as there is an option to unlock a new stadium in any country. You are free to choose a place of your choice that you are familiar with and where you feel more comfortable. Try new locations and gain new experiences.

Amazing characters

In Stick Cricket Live mod APK download, all the characters are dressed beautifully and attract more children. Moreover, they are sketched so well and in accordance with the game mechanics that they are very easy to recognize.

What’s New in Stick Cricket Live MOD APK?

In this version of Stick Cricket Live mod APK everything unlocked, the players receive unlimited coins, gold, diamonds, and many other rewards that are very useful for you. Use this money to unlock new batters and many other useful items and increase your chances of winning the match.

Series of events

In Stick Cricket Live mod APK 2022, the whole game is very happening that the player is continuously facing challenges. This is because the graphics of the game are designed so that the player has to confront very strong opponents.

Boost your skills

Stick Cricket Live cracked APK continuously tests the intelligence of the players by incorporating some tough elements during the match. At that time, the players have to use their quick wits.

Uniquely designed

The interface of the stadium is decorated so well that it makes this game unique from others. This is the main fascination for the players in this game that they admire a lot. The beautifully designed buildings and surroundings make the game more excited.

Download Stick Cricket Live MOD APK v2.0.9 now

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Tap on it and directly install the game without play store.

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK v2.0.9 Gameplay

There are two arrows on the main screen, and they are pointing to the ward left or right. These arrows help the player control the direction of the ball from both sides. Make a hit at the right time using the right arrow to make your cover the longest distance. Make better shots to make the ball reach the farthest point and get high scores.

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK Conclusion

Stick Cricket Live mod APK unlimited money and diamond is the main attraction for cricket lovers if you learn to play it. The player requires better shots and higher scores than the opponent to win the match. Besides this entertainment and fun, this match will also improve your gaming skills and observation. Every time you hit the ball, look at your performance whether you hit the ball at the right time and from the right position.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q 1: How to unlock new stadiums in Stick Cricket Live mod APK?

Ans: Use the money, bonuses, and multiple other awards that you win in the game and get new stadiums unlocked. You can also choose the country of your choice from the option available.



This game is really amazing. Very well! A great game to show off your timing skills. It creates a real-life situation of getting under pressure when a hard opponent gets in your way. The quality game and the rapid frame rate make it VERY smooth to play. Would be good to somehow make use of the non-rare bowlers that just accumulate once you get to a higher level. Awesome stick cricket. Really appreciate your efforts. Take a bow


Wow, Amazing Gorgeous Lovely I have no words about this game. It is an amazing, amazing, amazing game amazing ever. A very good game, but in order to make it more interesting, I would like to suggest that besides a 1vs1 online match, a “practice” mode should be included. The only games which don’t irritate with annoying popups and ads. 10/10. Great game, keeps you distracted. Fantastic game, actually I love partnership game very much, plz add that game to play with strangers


Beautiful game. I have been playing stick cricket for a while now and seeing the aesthetics of this game, I fell in love immediately. Great concept, fantastic graphics, and collection of shots…great gameplay. Very engaging and challenging as well. If only we could change our bats between overs… Great for a time pass. Really fun to play with my friends…. a Great Cricket Game App…

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