The Pirate: Plague of the Dead MOD APK v2.9.1 (Unlimited Points)

The Pirate Plague of the dead Mod APK v2.9.1 is a combination of a never-ending quest for truth and some legendary elements. The storyline of the game revolves around the golden period of pirates. The main point of the quest is the Caribbean Sea and its vast surroundings. The player acts as John Rackham, an English captain, urges to explore all the historical secrets and present the most accurate view of pirates’ golden age.

The Pirate Plague of the dead Mod APK unlimited points is about the amazing journey of fighting against an army and finding the potential of magic. Meet other characters and face new events to gain more experience of terror. You can also invite your friends to join you on this incredible journey on a boat towards the Caribbean Sea. You can also learn more about How to download the Dino Hunter Mod Apk on google and in our website. Enjoy the ship sailing experience and unlock new boats with full freedom.

Features of Plague of the Dead MOD APK

Explore new World

In The Pirate Plague of the dead Mod APK download, the player enjoys full freedom to do anything as per his own will, such as exploring new areas, and new secrets, solving mysteries, and meeting new people. This is the most attractive feature for gamers.

Unlimited Money

In this game, you have a ship from the beginning, but you have to unlock new ships. But you have to earn money to unlock new ships as the ship currently in use is not strong enough to carry on the burden throughout the journey.

The Pirate Plague of the Dead Mod Apk Cover

Experience boat sailing

In The Pirate Plague of the dead Mod APK android, start your journey by sailing a boat and discovering the world. We will also advise you to play Download Skullgirls Mod APK which has the same as this game. You can also collect new ships for the upcoming battles. As you level up and learn to sail, you will also get a chance to unlock Captain Ship.

What’s New in The Pirate: Plague of the dead MOD APK?

The Pirate Plague of the dead Mod APK free shopping is an outstanding game where you can win unlimited points and money by completing all the missions. This money can be used to unlock new ships or repair the old ones or replace the old team members with new ones. All the graphics and sounds of the game are very top-notch and appropriately selected. All these features make this game updated. Have a brief look at them:

Sound quality

In the Pirate Plague of the dead Mod APK, the music creates more thrill among the players. Moreover, quality is also very good.

In the Pirate Plague of the dead Mod APK, the visuals and landscapes are very stunning. There is a vast ocean throughout the journey that is the main attraction for the players.

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The Pirate: Plague of the dead APK v2.9.1 Gameplay

The gameplay is very simple and rather a bit challenging. The player acts as a captain and is required to fulfill all the duties of the captain. Initially, it is difficult to perform all those tasks as they require some skills. These tasks include leading the whole team, guiding the team to complete the mission, sailing ships, or firing the opponents’ gangs.

The Pirate: Plague of the dead MOD v2.9.1 APK Conclusion

In The Pirate Plague of the dead Mod APK unlocked premium ships, players explore new territories and come across a lot of myths. They have to face a lot of challenges and new enemies in solving these mysteries. Further, you have to fight many fierce battles with gangs of enemies, pirates’ army or navy, or even monsters to accomplish your goals.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: How to download this game without any subscription?

Ans: You can download this application directly using the links available on our website. There are neither any subscription charges nor any installation fee for its installation.

Q2: Is there any flag change option in Plague of the dead Mod APK?

Ans: Yes, you can change your flag to deceive your enemy and approach them safely. You can also use their flag for this purpose or just remove your own flag.



Great game! I love the effects, the combat format, everything – even the story is cool. The ship’s controls are easy to learn. I’m most impressed with the dual touch camera controls and the range of the camera. Moving the camera to any angle is very simple and intuitive. You can also zoom out all the way to a bird’s eye view and zoom back in all the way to the steering wheel like you are right on deck with the crew steering the ship or anywhere near n between. Very well done.


Pretty great game! I love the concept and the graphics and sounds are great. I just started playing but so far it’s so awesome. Taking command and sailing old ships like this is so much fun. I just wish it were a little easier to capture ships with more than 10 cannons. And repairs cost SOOO much. Any time I manage to get a ship, I have to grind or wait for an ad to repair it, or risk losing the ship I just got. Please buff pirate boarding. Thanks


Great Game, arguably better than the original. Cons the main campaign is really short and both can be completed in just a day. The first one was pretty good but the quality of the campaign went down for the second one. Pros You aren’t required to pay for ship maintenance and crew costs and can control more than 4 ships at once. This allows you to more easily command a large fleet.

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