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Total Conquest Mod Apk is a fascinating game, a strategic battle game of Roman history. Rome looks towards you after Caesar’s death to defend their dominion. You should thus quit playing games and take serious steps to organize the troop of legions and rule the Roman Empire. You join the legions here and be the ruler of your town and your army Use the horn to eliminate your opponent in order to call your battalion. So don’t show any mercy to the attacker; let them taste the edge of your sword, particularly for those who want to assault your peaceful city. Gather the plan updates of your spies and keep your opponent’s one step ahead.

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Introduction Total Conquest Mod Apk

Right now, you may explore a selection of fun war games. This is the official version of the Mafia City Mod Apk please download this app. The most famous is Clash of Clans and Total Conquest Hack apk. Although the two games are similar, the latter contains epic mythological troops, renowned troops, and Roman empires. You will construct a town from the bottom up and enclose it in this game with fortifications. You may defend your base with various buildings, traps, towers, gates, and troops.

By using battle-winning tactics, you may utilize this game to create a strong city.

You also have the right to recruit and train 10 distinct units, each with its unique duties. There are several tall heroes, similar heroes, wizards, and more. You may conquer several places using campaign mode with your strong army. You may update your devices to improve their strength and statistics.

Overall, you may join numerous entertaining legions or create your own. Invite your pals and assist your relatives and friends on Facebook. Perform legion battles to make precious presents and gain the ranks. You will be able to select from a range of tactics in this fighting game.

How to play

There have been many wars in the history of the planet. It’s not a nice position, but in Total Conquest Cheat APK, if necessary.

Make your realm – When it came to battle, the Romans were then ruling the globe. Today, while fighting against the Romans, you must construct your city! You may utilize your resources to build your city from the bottom up in Total Conquest. Your enemy-free tactics will completely influence your city layout. Build a multitude of doors, traps, barriers, and towers!

Then you may deploy a huge number of soldiers to keep the attackers at bay. Set them in strategic places and allow none of them to pass through your defenses. Upgrade your troops to tougher opponents in this game. You may also take part in PVP and plunder the kingdoms of other players for wealth. It’s the fittest survive in this game.

Building, walls, towers, traps, and gates – You have to build different structures, towers, traps, and gates to protect your city. Each will save you a certain sum of funds, so pick carefully. You may focus your efforts on strengthening your walls or investing most of your money in apartments. It is up to you completely to decide. Keep in mind, though, that your foundation may be strengthened and adjusted to last longer.

Best Features Total Conquest Mod Apk

10 types of units – In Total Conquest, a maximum of 14 distinct units are to be used.  It would help if you recorded all of this information since each one has its favorite objectives. You also have to pay for their learning and living costs. Every APK total conquest is free and unblocked. You don’t have to purchase the game.

Campaigns and Real Wars :

You will be competing against a wide range of cities, with each its unique layout and features. Each one of them has its unique collection of troops, which progressively increases the difficulty level. Then you may join a game and battle several real-life adversaries!

Forge a Legion – You may also join or become a legion in Legion Wars. You are going to get additional goods as your legion advances in rank!

Total Conquest Mod Apk Download

Make sure you first remove any older edition of this game that is previously installed. Then, go to the configuration, click on security, and click Enable Unknown Sources (if you do not start installing it).

The mod file is extremely simple to install for this application. A few methods to install the app on Android smartphones are provided below.

  1. Firstly, to download, click on the install icon below.
  2. After that, wait till you finish the download and open it.
  3. On your cheat total conquest android smartphone, install the app.
  4. Follow all the inside directions.
  5. Start and enjoy the incredible capabilities of this wonderful application after it is correctly installed.
  6. Installing it on a PC is extremely important. You may use either Blue stacks or NOX player. Here’s the way.
  7. After all, the Bluestacks player is downloaded and installed on your PC, an android emulator that is utilized to run any mobile application.
  8. You’ll have to download apk total conquest mod from our site after installing the emulator.
  9. You have to run the file after downloading or select “Import Windows” for installation reasons.
  10. Click the start button after the installation, and you’re ready to go.

Final Statement

Finally, join total conquest mod apk offline gamers’ as well as total conquest online armies in a fight to rule the Roman empire by crying out the war! Total Conquest mod Apk is a multiplayer experience to create your city and military-like a Roman ruler. You can also play Game of Sultans Mod Apk from our website. So now that Caesar is gone, the games are out of place: To overcome your enemies, maintain your area, and rule the ultimate one, you must join a powerful legion – or create your own. Your victory! Victory is yours!

FAQs often asked:

Is Mod Total Conquest secure?

Total Conquest Mod is a hundred% secure because our Anti-Malware platform examined the program without detecting viruses. Our anti-malware programs filter and classify them according to our criteria. Therefore, the Total Conquest apk mod is 100% secure to install on our site.

Any updated version of the game available?

Yes, our team updates all website activities for recent games if each update is shown.

Could it be free of cost to play or needs total conquest apk unlimited money?

You also have to pay for their learning and living costs.

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