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Urban city stories mod apk is a kid’s game with a colorful adventure world. You can do the various tasks and move using different characters and outfits. You can even visit different play areas and use different objects in this game. You will have many locations. All are fully unlocked. You can visit different shops. It is a little bit hard to play. You can do various tasks and moves. This game is specially designed for 4 to 12-year children. The game brings healthy habits and promotes social values in children. The primary goal of this game is to educate the children. The urban city stories are a game that creates a fun experience for children.

You can do everything you want in this game. You can set your own life, set your own rules. With this feature, you can do all. You become a salesman, sheriff, housewife thing you want. You can choose your character. This game offers you 30 characters, and all are unlocked. There are many places to get a unique experience of the vast street of indoor and outdoor locations. You can choose your location related to the occupation, such as a police station, supermarket, fashion shop, youth club bus station, and much more. You can customize your looks. You can allow creating your hairstyle, eye color, skin combination, and accessories to look different and unique. You can update your store with new items you have to require customer satisfaction. The funniest thing in the game is to transform into a teenage boy or girl to join youth clubs and parties. It is a complete pack of enjoyment.


Loads of character:

In urban city stories, hack mod offers you 30 characters you can fully enjoy. You can change your looks according to your choice. You can change your clothes, hairstyle, and hair color and try different clothes. You can make thousands of combinations to make your style. You can customize your looks.

Urban City Stories Mod Apk Cover

Unique location:

In the Urban city stories, mod apk unlocked all locations are unlocked. You can develop everything police station, super store, fashion shop, bus station, bank street and whatever you want. Everything is designed well that attracts the player. You have to stay at one location at one time. It depends on your mood to go to multiple locations. All locations are unlocked.

Camera Mode:

Urban city stories mod apk download is a game full of fun for toddlers. This game aims to educate the childer about the different things they like most. You can enjoy the camera mode in this feature. You can create your memories by clicking the pictures of different things that make you pleasant. You can share the memories with your friend.

Easy control:

You can control everything easily. You can drag, drop, and tap on the screen. It is a straightforward game.


In urban city stories mod apk android, there are two types of currencies gold and heart. You can get heart when your customer is satisfied with you for completing the task. The heart represents the accomplishment of the task well. It helps to make your reputation higher. Reputation affects your ability.


The interface of urban city stories mod apk 2022 is well designed and has beautiful 3D graphics. It has excellent image quality. It is hard to complain about graphics. All things look real. You can enjoy the unique features.

What New In Urban City Stories Mod Apk:

We have updated some new things in the game:

  • Performance improvement
  • The new hat at the club
  • New pants in the shop
  • New design for some devices
  • Minor bug fixed

The Gameplay of Urban City Stories MOD APK:

It is a project of toddler games. The game is designed for children with exciting features. In this game, the player has to do everything whatever they want. You will choose different characters according to your choice. You have to take responsibility for your family and make a happy family. You have to make your own rules. You have to dress yourself up as you desire. You have to visit different locations. This game aims to promote social values and give the children a creative mindset. In this game, you have to do one job until the game ends. You can freely choose the job. All features are unlocked. Many locations relate to your job. The funniest feature is transforming a boy or girl in teenage years to join the youth club or music parties. The camera mode is available that makes your memories available.

In this game, there are two types of currencies heart and gold. You do your best in your job. You get more hearts and will get more cash after completing the mission. The heart represents your ability rating and the reputation that makes you higher. Reputation affects your ability to complete the level. While gold coins are used to buy items, clothes, and accessories. There are 30 characters, and you can create your hairstyle, eye color, skin tone, and much more. You have to fulfill your duty which character is chosen by you. All the features are great. The graphics are fantastic. You enjoy the game a lot.


This game relates to child education. It gives the child a different concept and seeks them moral and social values. I love this game. Download the game now and enjoy the unique and exciting gameplay.

How to Download?

First, go to our website.

Permit unknown resources in your setting.

Click the button for installation.

After completing the installation, you can play the game any time.

FAQS (frequently asked questions)

What is the minimum operating system requirement?

You need the minimum operating system on android to be 4.1

Is it safe to download?

Yes, it is completely safe to download.


Good app download very beautiful

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